Hi y'all! Here you can find what keeps Martin Draax busy.

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At this moment, me and my friend André Oosterman are starting up a mini skirt label called 'Comic Sexy' - you'll soon have a choice of seven designs to be tailormade for you! Above is the first official photo (Model Busra, photographer Jelle Mulder)


And down here is a videoclip of my band the Spinshots:



'Boyds Small & the Dolores Sisters' - still from the videoclip 'Sell your Soul & Shut your Trap'
Music, design, editing and direction by Martin Draax


Music performed by the Spinshots, with Boyd Small and the Van Dijck Sisters

Make up by Jennifer Bardoul
Model: Flora Dolores of the Spinshots
Camera + light: Jelle Mulder

Assistant + light: Patrick Raats